Tips for Video Marketing Strategy

Creating a video marketing strategy offers tremendous marketing results. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. The key is following the rules to be found and watched.

How to Create Video Marketing Strategy

Social media is ideal for videos. However, several social media sites restrict video length to less than one minute. While that doesn’t sound like much, you can condense your message to convey a lot across in a minute. A time constraint is good because the average person’s attention span is 8 to 12 seconds, depending on the study. That’s very little time.

  • Keep a video less than one minute for Instagram, Google Maps and Google’s Knowledge Graph post.
  • You can use longer videos as a link in Facebook, Google posts and Twitter.

Facebook offers businesses a video page where you can upload and tag videos.  You usually get more reach by uploading a video than by using a link. Although you can use longer videos, short clips usually work best. They can be seen quickly in timelines. Test your Facebook audience by trying a two-minute video and a 30-second video. Which gets more views, minutes watched and engagement?  After trials, you can develop a video marketing strategy.

Short Video Example that Tells Potential Clients about PUMC


How to Name Videos for SEO

Google owns YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search engine.  Use these tips to develop a video marketing naming strateg that improves your search results in both places.

  • Name your video file with a keyword. For example, use the file name of rhinoplastyrecoveryvideo.mp4 instead of 3kd983.mp4.
  • The video title should be less than 66 characters to appear in Google. Use keywords first and your brand name last.
  • People search for a “keyword” video (example: rhinoplasty recovery video) in Google. Include the word “video” in video titles to help Google SEO.
  • Tell viewers about the content of the video in the description. Use keywords and long-tailed keyword phrases. While you can add a lengthy description, people typically only read the beginning. Include vital information first.
  • Add your URL to your description on external sites.
  • Tag your video with keywords, keyword phrases, brand and location.

Contact us if you need more information about optimizing your video marketing strategy.

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