Plastic Surgery Social Media Marketing Benefits

Many doctors question plastic surgery social media marketing. Advertising rules make it challenging. Are their potential patients there? Questions swarm. While online marketing can be challenging for plastic surgeons, you have to step up your game to keep up with today’s social expectations. Let’s look at the myths.

Myth 1: Plastic Surgery Social Media Doesn’t Bring Patients in my Door

Social Media Marketing Myths

Social Media Marketing Myths

Social media is about establishing credibility. It is about raising awareness of procedure results. You need to be there.  Social media helps potential patients know you and know what you do.  However, it can be challenging to make a 1 to 1 correlation. Here are some social media channels you need to consider.

  • Google My Business: Posts and information here appear in Google search results. Be there.
  • Instagram: This one is booming and getting a lot of engagement for PUMC clients. Depending on how advertising takes over, engagement could decrease.
  • Facebook: This social media channel is almost like a website. It is expected. Make the most of it by boosting posts and tying it to other social media.
  • Twitter: PUMC hasn’t seen much engagement for our clients who want to use Twitter. Thus, we encourage clients to connect it to Facebook for automatic posting.
  • YouTube: Video marketing is great. Keep them short to use in other social media. YouTube has a good search engine, but other video sites can work well if you are simply resharing.

Myth 2: My staff and I Don’t Have Time for Social Media Marketing

If you don’t have a plan, plastic surgery social media can take too much time. You can hire a social media expert to do it for you. Or, you can work with a professional to establish a plan that works for you. PUMC does both for our clients to help establish online visibility.

  • Connect your social media pages for some automatic postings.
  • Set up your before & after photos for easy postings.
  • Use a video page to link videos where possible.
  • Establish videos of less than one minute to use in multiple places
  • New results, procedures, events, special and more are great social media topics.

Myth 3: Social Media is Useless because It Limits Advertising for Many Plastic Surgery Procedures

Yes, you are correct in that advertising appearance improvements may be limited. However, there are ways to get around that by omitting appearance improvements in the ad. PUMC has found that Google adwords deliver better results than social media advertising when looking at the overall picture.

Myth 4: Social Media Just Works for Medical Spas

Engagement often starts with a non-invasive procedure. But, it’s a huge leap to say social media won’t work for plastic surgery practices. Most first-time patients aren’t aware invasive procedure results. Thus, they start searching for non-invasive procedures. They read information, reviews and talk to friends.  Then, they think about it and research some more. If you have a great online presence that puts you there throughout the research, you appear repeatedly. You have opportunities to educate, engage and cross-sell. While the selling process isn’t a straight line, plastic surgery social media marketing can and does work.

Myth 5: My Target Patients Don’t Use Social Media

According to Pew Internet research in 2018, more than half of Americans over age 50 use YouTube and Facebook. Younger people are typically the early adopters. Then, they set it up for their parents, grandparents and older friends. Depending on the type of invasive procedures you offer, start with YouTube and Facebook and then branch out to others. Medical spa owners may want to start with Instagram and then expand in other directions. Because you can tweak as you go, taking the first step is important.


PUMC offers a mentoring program to jumpstart your social media marketing. Or, we can do social media for you. The choice is yours. Let’s talk about how to make your online marketing goals a reality.

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