Optimize New Features on Google My Business

Are you optimizing new features on Google My Business? How many listings do you have? Google My Business is where your content that appears in all Google searches resides.  So, optimizing all the features according to Google’s rules is vital for your best online visibility. Below are some best practices.

How Many Google My Business listings Should You Have?

The ideal number of listings has changed some over the years. Thus, there is a lot of confusion about this topic. Multiple listings with the same category compete for search position.  So, you can be hurting yourself if you have multiple listings. But, correcting them the right way is challenging. If you must merge or delete listings, you have to work through Google.  Or, you need an agency with experience working with Google.  Here are best practices.

  • A plastic surgery practice with one doctor should have one listing, i.e., Smith Plastic Surgery – John Smith, MD. Combining your listings keeps all your reviews in one area, streamlines maintenance and prevents search position competition with yourself.
  • If you have multiple locations with a single doctor, it is acceptable to have a listing with the practice name and doctor’s name for each location. So, it would be just like a single location—just one for each location.
  • If you have multiple doctors at your location, each practitioner can have a GMB listing. And, you can have one for the practice only. However, nurse practitioners and technicians do not have individual listings on Google My Business. If you have a popular tech or practitioner, consider a separate Instagram account.
  • For multiple locations with multiple doctors, streamline by having a listing for each location for the practice. Then, each doctor can have a single practitioner listing that links to his/her bio page that tells the locations.
  • Google just announced that it will delete a listing for a doctor who retires from your practice. This is much better than marking it closed, which is confusing for people looking for you when your practice isn’t closed.

New Features on Google My Business

Google continues to change features on Google My Business. While these improvements are to make it easier for people searching Google to find information, taking advantage of the features helps medical practices appear higher in search results. GMB is about giving searchers the information they are seeking – the first time. Here are some newer features on Google My Business that you need to complete.  Each one is a small nuance by itself, but they can be game-changers in visibility when used = together.

  • Google is offering a short URL now, which is predicted to be tied to search results in the near future. Google offers a suggested URL, but consider how people search for your medical practice before deciding.
  • Pictures on Google Maps can be important. You can’t always rely on Google to post a picture of your location. We have seen pictures of a stop sign or street with no indication of a building. Be active and upload a good picture of your office so people recognize that they are in the right place.
    • Add your logo, cover photo, special, key procedure, etc. A picture of the staff and doctor is ok. People will only look, so don’t add multiples.
    • A short video about your practice is great. Keep it less than 1 minute.
  • Add links in GMB to make it easier for patients and potential patients to contact you. Update your website if you don’t have a page with a complete list. These include:
    • Link to appointment scheduling on your website
    • Link to your menu of services on your website
    • Add key services
  • Posts are seen in each search. If you add an event or special, it stays there until the expiration date. While all your posts stay in your list, general posts do not appear after 7 days in search results.

Reaching Out for Google My Business

Optimizing features on Google My Business is important for showing up in search results.  However, it is always evolving. So, you have to stay on top of changes in Google My Business to have a jump on your competition. It’s always been this way, but there seems to be more changes now than ever.  Stay in the know by following sites that cover the information. Or, turn to PUMC for guidance and help.  Our specialists usually know the answer, but you can count on them to reach out to Google on your behalf if needed. Our goal is to keep our clients at the top of their game all the time.

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