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Factoids - Now on The Internet One Trillion Indexed Pages. Search Engines don't read Flash images! A great Website without a marketing Plan will fail. Where does your site rank?

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Web Design

Do you need assistance from a PUMC’s Web design experts – Internet Reputation Management, PatientConnect® team, fresh SEO marketing Web design specialists?

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Staff Training

PUMC initiated staff training for the cosmetic specialists in 1979 and has been in leader in the training of staff since that time.

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For more than 40 years Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants (PUMC) has created custom designed, bankable Marketing Action Plans and Strategies (MAPS) for marketing, advertising and Internet promotion to national medical and health businesses. Our extensive experiences have now been distilled into a special and unmatched  program of Internet and social media marketing.

Our unique skills at strategic marketing planning has created wealth and success stories in most of the aesthetic, medical, dental, holistic and integrative medicine specialties. Yes, we have worked through the mistakes and problems. PUMC has got it right and saved our clients hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars over the years. No other firm can make this claim.

PUMC launched US’s first cosmetic service Web development and Internet service provider organization in 1995. Therefore, PUMC clients receive top quality, leading edged SEO (organic) plus ad words advertising for special projects. We create fresh and innovative solutions from unmatched experience learned the hard way! This leadership allows PUMC to provide Internet solutions steeped in an understanding of internal marketing and practice management.

We also pioneered aesthetic practice management, Internet marketing/SEO and staff training innovations. This experience allows PUMC to deliver branded, comprehensive services that are customized to the their  professions!

In 1989 PUMC was also one of the first agencies to aid specialists to employ medical spas services and other practice building offerings to leverage their bigger ticket offerings. For four decades, PUMC has aided thousands of national and international clients in re-engineering their practice to be mega income producers.

PUMC is a team of proven experts who have provided specialized marketing and Internet service support to national medical and health care specialists for more than 40 years.  Therefore, clients receive efficient services without the burden of providing background education about their businesses before getting quick start results of:

As innovators in the Internet health care service professions, clients receive the latest Internet technologies as well as the most effective strategies to stay ahead of client competition.

The PUMC team constantly makes professional presentations, conducts staff trainings and writes papers on Internet marketing.

We are truly leaders in the health/Internet SEO and practice Marketing.

The following are some of the key social media that PUMC recommends for our clients depending on the goals of the practice:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Google Authorship
  • Google Reviews
  • Google +
  • InstaGram
  • LinkedIn
  • Ombudsman
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest