Choosing the Right Medical Practice Name

“What’s the right medical practice name,” someone asked us at a recent conference. There’s a lot more to a name than just being memorable.

Tips to help you choose the right medical practice name

Umbrella Branding: Choosing the Right Medical Practice Name

Umbrella Branding: Choosing the Right Medical Practice Name

  • Do you plan to sell your practice? Avoid using your name as the brand if you wish to sell your practice in a few years. Most of us don’t have names and/or a wide-spread reputation that stands out. We don’t recommend the doctor’s personal name as a brand.
  • Are you considering a name based on current trends? Popular procedures change. Trends evolve. Your practice needs a meaningful name that stands the test of time. Don’t try to be trendy or clever.
  • Polling your staff and/or patients for a name? That’s the wrong move. It never ever works well to try combine opinions for a marketable name.
  • Ask professionals for help. Experience can be key in choosing a practice name. How does it work with SEO. In a URL? Patient recall?
  • Shorter is better. If you are using the word “and” in your name, you may be trying to convey too much. Shorter names are more memorable. They work well as URLs.
  • Alphabetical may still be important. Yes, we know that the “phonebook” days are past. But, alphabetical listings of medical practices are still prevalent on Internet, in newspapers, pamphlets, etc. Evaluate the importance of appearing at the top.
  • Do consider a descriptive name. Consider the one word that you want patients to remember about you? Okay, let’s expand on that. Can you tweak it to be a name? Is it easy to remember? Is it unique? Stay away from anything that is difficult to spell or pronounce.

Consider Your Umbrella Brand

Choices are many when choosing the right medical practice name. Now, it’s time to think about an overall brand. This may include a logo, URL, tagline, pictures, etc. These elements fit like puzzle pieces to create the umbrella brand for your practice.

If you aren’t sure how to create an umbrella brand for your medical practice, call us. Our experts have been guiding doctors in choosing the right medical practice name for 40+ years. We’re here to provide ideas, weigh in on practice names you’ve chosen or to create your overarching brand.

Every situation is different when it comes to choosing the right medical practice name. Use these guidelines or call on us to guide you to the road to success.

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