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PUMC has been recognized as a reliable forecaster on Internet and social media trends in the aesthetic services industry for 21+ years. As you may be aware, we are more than web development and social media specialists to most of our clients.
PUMC’s Team is comprised of marketing strategists, web developers, promotional specialists and practice managers that, with your specific input, weave together your customized digital promotional programs.

As we approach the end of 2017, we would like to thank all of our clients for your continued trust and use of our services. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you on the robust promotion of your practice . We also would like to make you aware of trends to watch and proactive marketing and management steps to take in 2018.

Do you know that as a part of our regular digital Internet and social media consultations we provide personalized advice on these services?
  • Marketing Positioning & Strategy

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Strategic Planning for Your Practice – This includes practice assessment!
  • Marketing Programs, Staffing & Budgeting
  • Internet Marketing (AdWords & Organic Marketing for SEO)
  • Staff Training & Coaching –
    “Coach to the Close”
Trends to Watch
Significant trends and events to watch:
Organic Search
(As we know it)
is Dying
Small, mobile screen devices favor pay-per-click search results and reduce organic search value. First page, desktop search results are now declining. This means the search results you previously enjoyed are being pushed down, making it harder for you to be found.
(Search Engine Journal)
Word of mouth
Referrals are Dropping
According to recent data from Pew Research, 82% of U.S. adults say they read customer reviews before making a purchase decision, and 40% say they "almost always " check reviews. Positive online reviews have become one of the most powerful factors in quick conversion of leads from all referral sources.
Mobile Phone Calls
are Now Replacing Emails
Poor staff phone skills can be killing your leads! Mobile calls are easy to make. They have the highest conversion rate. The customers are present! They have already shown interest and are likely impressed by the immediacy and precision of your responses.
Staff training
more important than ever
In 2018, it will become increasingly important to monitor and audit your staff's performance on closing and converting consultations over the phone as the use of email is beginning to decline due to click-to-call availability. The ideal response time to emailed inquiries has reduced significantly and demands a more immediate response on your part with adequate tracking and follow-up.
Referral Sources
are Becoming your competition
RealSelf and Facebook, etc. are securing higher positions on mobile devices than you have been enjoying. They are positioning themselves to sell you back leads that you would normally have received from their websites. This is now putting these referral organizations in front of your search results, making you more reliant on pay-to-play marketing.
Social media
is a
Time Sponge
Did you know that social media leads have the lowest conversion ratio, yet are labor intensive and have a relatively high cost? We expect this trend to continue.
Social Media is a Time Sponge
Action Steps for 2018
Action steps for 2018
PUMC Staff Training
Staff Training
Take special effort in training your staff to be more effective and efficient at responding to telephone inquiries. Remember, they may know what to do but may not have the same gusto or "fire in the belly" they have had in the past.
PUMC Patient Reviews
Patient Reviews
Make it a priority to secure the maximum number of positive patient reviews in 2018. Place a special interest on Google My Business page reviews. Remember to constantly monitor your reviews and listings.
Pilot Adwords Campaign
try adwords
Give some consideration to setting up a pilot AdWords campaign for big ticket service offerings that have a value of at least $5,000 to $7,000 per inquiry. We are experiencing a 400% return on dollars invested in AdWords advertising supported with Google search results.
PUMC Online Education Trainings
Automated Online Review Processing
Are you aware that many of our clients are now using our automated process for securing high volumes of positive patient reviews?
Activity Reports
Are you taking advantage of talking to a PUMC account executive each time you get your quarterly reports that are part of your services? If you are NOT a PUMC client, are you getting routine reports of your website activity?
PUMC Training Services
Take advantage of PUMC’s affordable online, phone and email skills training services by leading industry experts. PUMC clients get a 50% discount.
Outsource Your Social Media Project
You can outsource your social media project to PUMC experts in 2018 with special PUMC discounts.
Contact PUMC today at 1.800.272.8436 to get ready for 2018 and make sure you are on top of all of the trends.
If you submit your practice goal statement for 2018 by December 10th using your data that we have compiled we will present you with some specific, strategic and creative Internet marketing pearls to help you meet your 2018 goal!
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