Views Spiral Down When Not Posting on Google

Internet views spiral down when you stop posting on Google My Business. Before 2019, views dropped when Google changed the format. Now, posts are below the line. So they only get about 50% of views they used to receive. To post or not to post — that is the question.

Pros for Posting on Google My Business

Look at the dramatic decrease over a six-week period when a client asked us to stop posting to Google My Business.  Phone calls remained about the same. But, website visits decreased 100-200 views per day.  In addition to losing some website visits, rebuilding this is challenging and takes time.

  • Google My Business posts are a great way to share events, specials and new products.  While posts appear lower in search results, they are still there if someone scrolls down just a bit. If nothing is there, then there is zero chance your readers will see anything.
  • If you are posting in other social media, content and images are readily available for Google My Business. Thus, you need only a couple of minutes to post.
  • Do you typically post specials on Google My Business? If so, patients get used to seeing those. Thus, they don’t mind scrolling to access these.
Views Drop When Not Posting On Google
Views Drop When Not Posting On Google

Content Appears Differently on Devices

If you use a larger tablet or laptop screen in a vertical position, you don’t need to scroll much at all to see Google My Business posts. However, you definitely have to scroll on smart phones. And, people are used to doing that. In every case, your post isn’t too far down the page. 

Get your patients used to looking for specials, products and more on Google My Business. It’s the first place they come to. In addition, you can link it to your website page or phone.  Here are some ways to consider promoting posting on Google My Business.

  • Link your Google My Business posts to your website social media icons. Thus, it is a quick and easy reference for your patients.
  • Include reminders about specials posted on Google My Business in eblasts.
  • Remind people in blogs that they can find current specials on your Google My Business.

Check your insights. Then, if you don’t see any improvement after posting on Google My Business for a couple of months, it makes sense to stop.  While PUMC has seen a drop, we are still seeing some advantages for most of our clients to post. Contact us if you have questions about Google My Business. We’ll work through your issues with you. So, you can do what works best for you!

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