Optimizing Videos for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Optimizing videos is an important marketing element in your overall strategy. Potential patients often narrow their search on Google to videos because they prefer to listen instead of read. Thus, you want to appear in the searches.

Here is a screen shot of Facelift Candidate Houston TX because I’m looking for a candidate checklist for facelift in the Houston area. When the results appear, I can scroll through to see video stars, video length, several names of plastic surgeons, etc. From there, I can click on any video.

Optimizing Videos by PUMC

Optimizing Videos by PUMC

SEO — Optimizing Videos

If potential patients can’t find your videos, business never gets to your door. Thus, optimizing videos is important. Below are a few simple tips to get you started. Google and YouTube use this information to categorize your videos and your practice for keyword and video search results.

  • Title includes keyword(s) and location
  • Description should be a microblog of around 200 words
  • Include keywords, keyword phrases, practice info and links
  • Organize YouTube channel playlists with relevant keywords
  • Video comments and ratings count too
  • Optimize for mobile devices

Posting—Where to Use Videos

YouTube offers a link that works on most Internet pages. Videos also help boost SEO on your website. Here are a few places to consider when looking for places to post videos.

  • YouTube and other Internet video channels
  • Practice website(s)—some doctors have a website dedicated to a specific procedure. Add videos to your website(s) that are appropriate for your website topic.
  • Facebook is a great place for videos. You can post as a link from YouTube, a link to your website or load your videos.
  • Google+ collections
  • Reception area
  • Online directories

Integrating Videos in your Marketing Strategy

Videos aren’t stand-alone marketing tactics. They work best when integrated into your overall marketing strategy. A few places to consider adding a link or uploading your video are:

  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Blasts/Newsletters
  • Patient Emails
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Directories

As you can see, optimizing videos is important in reaching patients and potential patients. If you need help or want to brainstorm optimizing videos, contact our plastic surgery social media consultants. We always enjoy bouncing around ideas.

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