On-site Staff Training

Today’s economy requires cosmetic (plastic) surgery and services specialty office staff to be professional and proficient in the art of closing inquiries and converting consultations into services and surgeries. This goal must be handled by your staff (all levels) with compassion and care for your patients’ wants, needs, and expectations!

On-Site Cosmetic Services Staff Training with PUMC It is imperative that your practice’s greatest asset (your staff) receive expert, immediate, and ongoing training to skillfully communicate with current and future patients. The combination of customized training, based on the needs of your doctor and office manager, gives your staff the tools and enthusiasm to excel in serving your patients’ needs and your marketing goals.

It all starts with Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultations (PUMC) expert trainers. PUMC trainers are unmatched in this industry. PUMC provides personalized on-site training sessions for cosmetic surgery/cosmetic specialty practices and medical spas helping them improve the presentation skills of all practice staff members.

PUMC employs a proprietary process to secure your practice profile, your fees, and information on your key competitions.

The Training targets that can be covered during the on-site OR customized online staff training.

Confirmation of the competition and target markets – PUMC employs this information to prepare your staff so they will correctly and effectively respond to and address objections and concerns of Phone Shoppers.  The staff’s confidence is increased to be better able to qualify and convert a shopper into a consultation.

Close Consultations – Once the shopper is in your office, it is the responsibility of every staff person to participate in the “close.”  PUMC covers the major closing techniques and vocabulary to ensure your staff has been oriented to the processes to help shoppers make the right decision of selecting your practice for their cosmetic surgery needs.

Improving fee-quoting skills by phone and in-person – Expert skills at quoting fees is a vital part of qualifying and closing.  PUMC works with the staff to ensure they are capable and confident when quoting fees and reviewing with the patient methods of payment.  This is especially important since many staff members find difficulties in quoting fees and encouraging an individual to pay thousands of dollars for services.

Establish Effective Follow-up – Most cases are lost because no one calls back or follows-up with prospective patients.  Even when a patient has tentatively scheduled surgery, there is a need to have a detailed follow-up procedure to eliminate any apprehensions on the part of the patient or family.  Additionally, if a person has not scheduled a procedure but needs to “think about it,” the staff must keep in touch with that individual.  PUMC has found that many cases can be closed if the patient does not feel too pushed.

Activate Patients to Refer – Once patients have completed their recovery, a system should be established to show them how to refer their friends and relatives for services.  PUMC will teach your staff how to set up a mechanism. PUMC will also cover the HIPAA ramifications in patient referrals.

PUMC recommends that any staff member, either full or part time, who would ever answer phones or interact with patients, be included in the training.

The training session builds on the staff’s present skills, yet helps them to be even more confident and effective at processing phone calls and in-person inquiries from consumers considering cosmetic surgery services.

The focus of your on-site training will be on your office staff’s phone and office communication skills and their responsibility in converting telephone inquiries into consultations and consultations into surgeries. Additionally, PUMC schedules a phone conference with the doctor and/or Practice Manager before the training date to discuss the individual staff’s strengths and weaknesses. At that time you can also discuss any special areas of emphasis you desire covered. This helps the trainer in customizing the role play and any other areas of the syllabus. Each staff member will be provided with a detailed workbook.

The doctor will also receive a book even if he/she does not attend the training. After the training, PUMC will provide a documented report of observations of the office staff.

PUMC has 20+ years of cutting edge Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery staff training experience. We offer your practice innovative results with proven and time-tested approaches. Don’t you deserve the best? Contact us online or call PUMC at 1.800.272.8436 today to improve your staff performance and increase your closure rate. We CAN and WILL help you!

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