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RealSelf, Google, Yelp and Facebook are securing higher positions on both desktop and mobile devices. These sites are appearing organically higher than your website and are positioning themselves to sell you back your reviews and leads that you would have received from your websites. This trend is placing these referral organizations in front of your search results, making you more reliant on pay-to-play (PPC) marketing.

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Businesses need to build their social media visibility to maintain their position with search engines.
In today’s world, social media and reputation management are vital issues governing the success of all medical practices including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, alternative medicine and medical spas. You need a cosmetic surgery social media marketing expert to stay ahead of your competition. No marketing plan is complete without it. Social media helps you reach out to your patients, boost your search engine results (SEO) and establish greater credibility. While many doctors know they need to engage in social marketing, their three big questions are:

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Social Media is a Time SpongeAs your practice grows or you hire new staff, you may find that your social presence has grown beyond what you can manage internally. Most plastic surgeons don’t have enough work to hire a full-time social media person. Turn to the experts for ideas on efficiently managing your social media or to handle it for you. A plastic surgery social media consultant can be an incredible investment for your online visibility.

Social media is not something you can do in your spare time—it requires dedication to stay in the game. Whether you’re just getting started or need to improve the results of existing pages, PUMC’s cosmetic surgery social media experts can help you conquer the rapidly changing world of social media. We show you how to make the videos, pictures, postings, likes and hashtags work for you.

What to Do About Social Media Strategy

Cosmetic Surgery Social Media Marketing StrategyCosmetic Surgery Social Media Marketing Strategy First things first! Developing a social media strategy is the first thing that our plastic surgery social media consultants will do. PUMC’s custom social media strategy identifies the platforms you need and links social engagement to your overall marketing plan. Then, we develop and/or rework your social media pages to maximize your online visibility. Consistent branding and messaging are important in a doctor’s online visibility. Our cosmetic surgery social media consultants will identify your brand images and your key messages to integrate on your social media page.

We mentor your social media staff in developing content, postings and guide them in how to work social media and reputation management portals efficiently and effectively. Our cosmetic surgery social media marketing experts point out Facebook pages with excellent information that you can share on your page. Blogs are ideal for sharing on social media pages, and our experts will identify blog pages that match your key messages. In addition, we provide links so your staff can find photographs, inspirational quotes, holidays, plastic surgery and aesthetic associations and more.

How to Do Social Media

Integrating social media into your overall strategy is just the first step. It’s a balancing act that needs to be tweaked often. We often blog about social media to keep you informed of the latest changes.

Social media marketing is constantly changing. New communities, enhanced services and improved features offer new opportunities for marketing your practice. But, these changes can also make your social media pages ineffective or obsolete if you’re not on top of your social media game. You can count on our cosmetic surgery social media marketing experts to keep you informed about how upcoming changes will affect your social media pages and what you need to do.

What Does Social Media Include?

What Does Social Media Include?Your online visibility includes multiple components. Most people know that social media includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media channels where you can post and engage with others. However, many medical providers don’t understand that reputation review sites are one of the most viral forms of social media. Click here for information about “Reputation Management for Medical Practices”. Here are some key places that your social media should include:

  • Posting to pages such as Facebook and Twitter are critical to keep your information in front of your audience.
  • Image pages are a plus in capturing attention. Pinterest and Instagram mesh with your posting pages.
  • Reputation review sites contain a wealth of information that people use when selecting a doctor. Check it frequently.
  • Online directories often offer a comment section. When is the last time you checked your information?
  • Google+ My Business contains the images, videos and descriptions that appear on Google maps and in your Google Knowledge Graph. It also can connect to your Google reviews and your YouTube channel. PUMC’s cosmetic surgery social media marketing consultants can help you optimize your online presence in Google.
  • Blogs are an excellent resource for social media pages. Writing one blog can give you snippets, links and a picture to use multiple times in your social media. In addition, it offers excellent SEO options when your blog is part of your website.
  • Videos say even more than pictures, especially when they are short. You can add videos on Facebook and your Google My Business listing. Creating your own YouTube channel makes sharing videos as easy as pasting a link.

Search for your name and practice name, especially if you have changed medical offices. Many of our clients find that they have erroneous listings that create confusion among potential patients. If you need help sorting through the clutter, our social media experts can correct these problems.

If you want to get social media off your back but still get the results, contact PUMC online or call 1.800.272.8436 today. We CAN and WILL help you!

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