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  • According to recent data from Pew Research, 82% of U.S. adults say they read customer reviews before making a purchase decision, and 40% say they “almost always” check reviews.
  • Positive online reviews have become one of the most powerful factors in quick conversion of leads from all referral sources.


  • RealSelf, Facebook, Google, Yelp and other review sites are securing higher search engine positions on mobile devices than your website! These companies are positioning themselves to sell you back your reviews and leads.
  • This trend is now putting these referral organizations in front of your practice’s search results, making you more reliant on pay-to-play (Pay-Per-Click) advertising to secure positive search results.

PUMC’S Global Online Review and Listing Management System for Cosmetic Practices

Guarding Your Most Sustainable Asset – Your Reputation

Online Reputation Management, Online Review Management

  • Are you and your staff laboring at monitoring your reviews that patients can literally place on hundreds of review and social media sites?
  • Does your office have a system to review and aggregate patient reviews?
  • Are you publishing your positive reviews automatically to your website(s)?
  • Have you automated your solicitation of patient review requests?

If you answered NO, to these questions you are probably losing prospective patients and revenue as reviews can increase your bottom line or negatively impact your business.

PUMC has an automated system that will request, monitor, collect and publish your positive reviews and improve your online visibility and Google Map rankings!


Online Review Site Content Management Service
PUMC’s Global Online Reputation Management System collects your 4 & 5 star reviews from Google, Yelp and other review sites to improve your Internet rankings and your reputation.

PUMC’s Global Online Reputation Management System will alert you to negative reviews.

No longer do you have to go to the many review and social media sites to view reviews. Your staff no longer has to use valuable staff time to login in to different sites to monitor your review.

PUMC is offering a one-stop automated system. We collect your best online reviews, display them all in one place on your website, and in organic search results without the hassles!



  • Aggregate all your reviews for a quick snapshot of your overall brand.
  • Receive daily notifications of new reviews.
  • Categorize by review site, number of stars, timeframes and more to drill down for analytical levels.
  • Request reviews from your patients via text and email as well as setting your follow up and contact timeframe.
  • Redisplay reviews on any website, in your blog or on Facebook.
  • Customize colors and content to match your website brand.
  • Choose your practice brand (umbrella) that includes multiple doctors, an individual doctor or both.


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  • Strategically redisplay your best reviews on a microsite with search engine optimization
  • Diffuse emotions associated with negative reviews to accentuate more positive reviews.
  • Connect social media to post automatically new great reviews on your Facebook timeline, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Time saver! Automates your requests for reviews from your patients via text and email as well as setting your follow up and contact timeframe.
  • Alerts you to any unhappy patient so you can diffuse the impact.
  • Use the request online appointment link anywhere so prospective patients can request appointments.
  • Prospective patients can request online appointments via your microsite.


The Global Online Listing Management module allows our GORLM to ensure that your business profiles are uniformly presented across hundreds of web portals including the following and even more.

  • Internet browser search results
  • Internet Maps location data services
  • Online review site posts
  • Listings of medical credentials
  • Listings on vendors’ sites that serve as referral sources to your practice
  • Listings on your societies and associations

On all of these portals you can be assured that your profiles and brandings are consistent across the Internet and locked down to prevent changes. You have the power to instantly, and on an ongoing basis maintain, add to and change your profile information on a moment’s notice. The Global Online listing Management module is not a find it and fix it program. The Global Online Listing Management module’s dynamic platform allows you to create organically found additional information about your practice instantly. You will see new patients finding your practice from improved SEO and improved accessibility of information about you.

PUMC will manage this function and provide monthly progress reports and recommendations. Our service includes: Discovering new web portals, posting of enhanced data about your practice to all web portals that have been claimed.

You will have online access to monitor your progress online in your office.

Both of these programs will be installed to protect your brand and/or the individual providers within your practice.


PUMC will meet with you to confirm exactly what you desire to have as your practice identification, as well as your doctors’ data that may not be on your websites. Our staff will then review all listings, make updates and then continue to monitor the results to get you started and on a monthly basis monitoring and make needed changes. In addition to the existing pin on Google maps for your practice name, add more pins on Google maps for each doctor’s brand in the practice.

Learn how easy it is to manage your online reputation and listings and enhance your SEO. Call us or contact us online to get a quote for PUMC’s Global Online Review and Listings Systems today. We CAN and WILL help you!

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