A Few Patients Control Your Online Reviews

According to Software Advice, 77% of potential patients read reviews as the first step in finding a doctor. People look at your reviews before they visit your website. Before they see your social media. And before they call your office. Online reviews are essential to your medical practice. Reviews are your first impression, so it’s important to control your online reviews. Yet, many doctors leave this vital part of their online reputation to a few patients who write reviews on their own.

How to Control Your Online Reviews

How to Control Your Online Reviews

Control Your Online Reviews

Many patients are secretive about plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures. They don’t want to reveal their identity. Others don’t like to write. Add these to the mix of people who use Internet sparingly, are procrastinators or forget. Only 1 to 2 percent of patients typically leave reviews, even for those doctors who actively request online reviews. Less than 1 percent of patients usually write reviews on their own. Here are some tips to help you control your online reviews.

  • Identity: Several medical review sites don’t require an identity. Patients can leave reviews anonymously or choose a site name. WebMD, RealSelf and others don’t require identities. PUMC’s Global Online Review Management (GORM) system doesn’t require an identity. Directing patients to sites that don’t require an identity can help you overcome this concern.
  • Writing: Everyone isn’t comfortable with writing their feelings, especially for the world to see. Sending these people to review sites that don’t require writing helps get reviews from these patients. Healthgrades is an excellent rating site. Many other sites accept star ratings without comments.
  • Neglector: In today’s busy life, it’s easy to overlook writing a review. Follow up with a review site link if a patient said they would write a review. A couple of reminder messages is ideal to get the review. Remember, it’s up to you to control your online reviews.Get Online Reviews from Infrequent Internet Users

Remember that every review isn’t on a review site. There are many other ways to attain and share reviews.

  • Capture video testimonials from patients that speak well.
  • Written thank you notes make great website and social media posts.
  • If a patient makes a positive comment when you are talking to them, ask if it’s ok to use their comment (with or without their identity). If so, jot it down for your website page.
  • Ask a patient if you can use his/her comment on Instagram posts .

As you can see, you can do a lot to help control your online reviews. If you don ‘t have the time to manage your online reputation, ask us about our automated review system. You can get more positive reviews and own your online reputation in just minutes a day.

Learn how easy it is to manage your online reputation and listings and enhance your SEO. Call us or contact us online to get a quote for PUMC’s Global Online Review and Listings Systems today. We CAN and WILL help you!

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