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How To Enhance The Productivity of Your Internet Investment

Factoids: It’s been said that organic search results are old, dead Internet marketing technologies… this is not true!

Internet Marketing Solutions For Cosmetic Specialists (An Internet Secret)

Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants (PUMC) has confirmed that the most productive Internet marketing programs used in conjunction with SEO and AdWords marketing that generate the quickest results are:

  • Consumers using mobile devices
  • The practice’s internal patient base
  • Email inquiries that are followed up with custom designed eblasts and the use of social media visibility to attract the external population that may already be aware of your brand

Therefore the Internet strategic planning outlined on our practice marketing page should also be viewed after reading the information that follows

Internal and External Internet Marketing Solutions

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“Achieving great Internet SEO results with PUMC!”

PUMC views strategic Internet marketing as the science of growing a practice from the inside and outside using strategically designed organic internal marketing, AdWords, social media and referral systems. It’s a fact that the least resistant, more receptive and easiest markets are the current patients, their social media friends/contacts and attracting consumers that are aware of the practice or its brand. We are discovering many practices wrongly focus on executing external focused marketing plans and strategies and pay limited attention to internal marketing. More detailed, tips and tricks about this topic are available at our client trainings page.

The Best Of Both Worlds

To have effective Internet marketing requires understanding the marketing opportunities in your internal operations of your practice. This is where you will discover PUMC’s unique ability to take you beyond excellent Internet marketing support. PUMC’s experts are past practice marketing managers who understand the nuances of a cash paid practice.

Internet marketing in the cosmetic surgery, aesthetic services business is an art requiring a set of specialized skills that are best implemented by a cosmetic specialized web design firm, hosting company that understands the aesthetic consumer purchasing habits and buying triggers. PUMC is that firm. We bring our cutting edged digital marketing solutions derived from proven and time tested experience. These solutions are comprehensive and based on decades of practice management experiences.

The Best Firm For Your Marketing

PUMC knows how to approach organic search, paid search, internal and external marketing opportunities simultaneously. PUMC’s extensive marketing experience gives our clients more than other firms, companies, hosting organizations and website developers in our industry.

1. Energize your Internet marketing by focusing on your current patients

Frequent users will create the fastest and earliest marketing results for your marketing plans. We can show you how to dig back into your old patient files and convert these old pre-electronic medical records (EMR) patients to HIPAA compliant and permission-based email addresses. The time and effort invested by your staff to do this will produce immediate results from just the contact process. This program is more affordable than anything you can do to create more patients other than the Internet.

2. Create your practices marketing action plan and strategy

Create your practices marketing action plan and strategy as your first step to launching your Internet marketing program. The marketing action plan (Practice Productivity Plan) addresses branding. Your Internet programs interface with other promotional programs and budget.

3. It is time to consider adding additional websites

If you now have one website supported with a mobile version, it is time to consider adding additional websites focused on your practice’s niche or branded services.

4. If you don’t have a solid patient education program in place, start one now...

…or let PUMC help you power your program(s) up. Use your website as a sustaining source of new attendees by running a seminar at least once a month either in office or online. This can be free or paid for. Don’t worry if the attendance is low for one or two of your seminars. Just announcing the seminars to your patients will make your phones ring and e-mails come.

5. Commit to social media with micro blogging on those social media channels

PUMC AUDIO RESOURCES: “Internet Tsunami – You Better Be Prepared”

Greg Washington discusses the challenges posed by the widespread use of the Internet by consumers. Mr. Washington explains in clear Mr. Washington explains in clear Audio book language how your practice can use various internet marketing strategies to gain access Internet shopping consumers.

PUMC has 20+ years of cutting edge Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing experience. We offer your practice innovative results with proven and time-tested approaches. Don’t you deserve the best? Contact us online or call PUMC at 1.800.272.8436 today. We CAN and WILL help you!

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