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Mobile Calls are Now Replacing Emails

  • Poor staff phone skills can be killing your leads! Mobile calls are easy to make.
  • They have the highest conversion rate.
  • The customers are present!
  • They have already shown interest and are likely impressed by the immediacy and precision of your responses.

PUMC Solution for Results

A Smart, Mobile-Friendly SEO Website Is More Important Than Ever

Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants (PUMC) designs beautiful, responsive, and smart, mobile-friendly websites which ensure top organic search performance for cosmetic practices. Our mobile site design and support service offerings feature easily accessible content consumers can act on. Also important, your mobile site will enjoy a priority with Google as an effective, SEO friendly mobile compliant website.

  • PUMC’s specific mobile marketing strategies are designed to yield the maximum results for each of your marketing campaigns through the use of multiple analytic programs and real-time tracking programs.
  • The PUMC mobile design team focuses on the cosmetic shoppers’ mobile online buying habits and consumer shopping trends.
  • By having the expertise to focus on our clients’ precise specialties, the GEO marketplaces and overall device usage, we assess the key “closing issues” that allow you to achieve top marketing results.
  • Our mobile design and support service features e-mail and phone tracking capabilities to allow for more efficient follow-up and staff after-training. PUMC focuses on “Click-to-Call!”

Our designs also take into consideration social media connectivity, referral site content integration and, AdWords optimization. Each of these promotional options has their unique users and SEO advantages that we have to know how to get the best results.

Why Is PUMC Your Best Choice For Mobile Marketing?

Consumers now use a variety of browsing devices to find and or validate their cosmetic and aesthetic service providers. The use of desktops is gradually declining as smart phones and tablets of all sizes now replace and are supplemented with desktop usage. Each client’s mobile marketing program is designed for each client’s marketing action plan and strategy. They are not conforming to a boiler plate set of recommendations.

Choose PUMC to build a website that looks great on all screen sizes

PUMC takes the process of mobile SEO technology beyond its generic definition and basic implementation steps. Our application of SEO employs time-proven and results-orientated SEO experience, the business and marketing workings of an aesthetic practice, and the aesthetic consumers’ mobile online shopping habits. We apply our unmatched credentials to deliver a balance of precision SEO results with mobile website aesthetic design and substantive consumer appeal, tied to your actionable content.

More Reasons…

Mobile marketing technology is growing rapidly requiring concise presentations of content with smarter “calls to action.” PUMC’s web developers/marketers have decades of knowledge of the business niches of each specialty. Cosmetic shoppers browsing for major and more invasive procedures generally take more time to research their needs. They are looking for more detailed information supported by linked references, before and after photos, and often go back to their desktop computers to do in-depth research for testimonials and linked endorsements. It’s just not as easy to convert Internet leads as it used to be!

Therefore, your mobile marketing needs require expert strategies conceived, designed and maintained by the proven expertise of Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants, a firm that is the industry leader with:

  • A 40 plus year track record in health care marketing
  • More than 30 years of marketing experience in Cosmetic Services Marketing
  • Twenty-two years of Aesthetic Internet Marketing that no one else can claim
  • The credentials of being the first to host cosmetic surgeons on the Internet
PUMC has 20+ years of cutting edge Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing experience. We offer your practice innovative results with proven and time-tested approaches. Don’t you deserve the best Contact us online or call PUMC at 1.800.272.8436 today to optimize your mobile website performance and online visibility. We CAN and WILL help you!

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