Premium Fees Sell Premium Services

First-rate plastic surgery services yield premium fees. The catch is creating the reputation that draws patients who are willing to pay for the best. In today’s world, everyone is looking for a good price. But, price is not the only factor. Quality is important too. Let’s look at some everyday examples of when people automatically go for a higher price.

Examples of Premium Fees

  • People rarely choose the lowest priced vehicle when buying a family car. You can probably find an old car that will start for $1000. But, do you start there? No. You look at the type of car that meets your needs. Then, you check online reviews, reliability, features, etc. When the search narrows your choices, then price becomes more of a consideration.
  • When I needed skylight replacements, I looked for a roofing company that was certified in skylight installation. Leaking skylights create tremendous damage, so I was willing to pay premium fees for a certified technician with the skills needed to do first-rate work.

    Premium Fees Sell Premium Services - PUMC

    Premium Fees Sell Premium Services

Create your Premium Fee Money Tree

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How Plastic Surgeons Create a Reputation that Yields Premium Fees

Appearance plays a major role in a “feel good” attitude and confidence. People choose cosmetic procedures for a more youthful look, reconstruction, health or other personal reasons. These people look for the “best of the best” plastic surgeons. And, they are willing to pay a premium price for the best surgeon.  A powerful marketing strategy can help you stand out.

  • Create a strong reputation with ratings and reviews. Actively solicit and display patient reviews on your website.
  • Develop the best platform for your before and after photography. Platforms can include your website, social media channels, Google My Business and more.
  • Produce and share short video testimonials and new product/procedure reviews.
  • Train your staff in Seven Steps of selling.
  • Position yourself as an authority and resource for your premium procedures.

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