Mobile Devices Changing Online Marketing

Our mobile devices change the way we research, shop, eat and play. If you want to find new restaurants nearby, you Google places to eat that are nearby. Today, you research online reviews for doctors instead of asking friends. You can filter your search results on Google Maps by ratings.  Pew Research Center surveys show that 77% of Americans have a smartphone in 2018 vs. just 35% in 2011. As a plastic surgeon, here’s what you need to do to succeed in our digital world.

Website and Social Media for Mobile Devices

You definitely need to optimize everything for you do online for mobile devices.  Thus, make sure all of the items below are optimized.

PUMC Cyber Special to Optimize Searches on Mobile Devices

PUMC Cyber Special to Optimize Searches on Mobile Devices

  • Your website must work well in mobile view.
  • Content should be updated and easy to scan.
  • Add links to make it easy to navigate your website
  • Add relevant links to your social media
  • Ensure that your organic search is working well

Pathway to Success on Mobile Devices

Google My Business Listing:  Information from your listing appears in searches on desktop and mobile devices. So, you need to own your listing and ensure that all information is up-to-date. Take advantage of extra features in Google, such as weekly posts, answering questions and adding categories for your medical practice. Keep all your information current because this appears in all search results.

Online Reviews: Potential patients are going to read your online reviews. Your Google reviews appear in your GMB listing, so make sure your overall average shines! Display your best reviews on your website to make it easy for patients to access your reviews. PUMC’s Global Online Review management system can help you create your best online reputation.

Adwords: Most searches click on the first few results on mobile devices. Think about it. Screens are small. Search results are local. So, you want to be in those results. While you want to optimize your pay-per-click, you need to make sure that you aren’t interfering with your organic search results.  If need help to optimize your adwords, let’s talk.

Take advantage of PUMC’s Cyber Special to jumpstart your marketing results in 2019. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us now.

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