Mobile Website Design

How Do We Do it?

Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants (PUMC) designs expert and effective, SEO friendly mobile websites.

  • We take into consideration precise marketing strategies for efficient cosmetic – plastic surgery practices.
  • We also focus on the discretionary paid-for services for better patient acquisition.
  • By focusing on our clients’ specialties, the market places and overall desktop presentation, we assess the key “closing issues” that are used by most mobile viewers.
  • Our mobile platform development is structured for ease of navigation, as well as, providing immediate response mechanisms.
  • We also provide mobile e-mail and phone tracking to allow for more efficient follow up.

PUMC is preparing our clients for the ultimate migration of online shopping to shift from desk top browsing to mobile device browsing. PUMC’s mobile friendly website designs are Internet compliant with user information needs a keep focus on a specific and related group of Internet based mobile marketing options. Depending on your website programming we can provide responsive or adaptive mobile designs for organic marketing demands. Our designs also take into consideration social media connectivity, Adwords optimization, patient acquisition and referral site promotion. Each of these promotional options have their unique users and SEO advantages and requirements.

Why Is Our Work The Consumer’s Choice?

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Consumers use browsing devices to find and or validate their cosmetic and aesthetic service providers using a growing list of Internet options and portals. As the use of desktops gradually declines an array of smart phones, tablets of all sizes and even operating systems (Android, Apple, Windows) are now replacing desktop usage. Each of PUMC’s mobile programs is designed for the clients marketing action plan and strategy. They are not conforming to a boiler plate set of recommendations.


Mobile friendly website design by PUMCOur many decades of Internet marketing experience allows us to tailor our recommendations to the exacting specifications of your mobile Internet marketing needs. This is where PUMC is different from our competition As PUMC develops website content for our clients’ desktop and mobile platforms we take into consideration:

  • text content usage
  • visual image sizing
  • placement of edited video content
  • most important, the volume of the mobile friendly websites’ content versus the desktop version of their website.

To give our clients the best mobile marketing results we go even further. PUMC considers the mix of the devices used by our client’s cosmetic consumers base and the up-to-date evolution of mobile search technologies. For the most effective mobile design this will vary by specialty and by market.

What does PUMC Do That Is  different?

We take the care to target the mobile content to our client’s marketing plans. PUMC considers desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets have various operating systems to give the practice or business a variety of special marketing opportunities. We back up our recommendations’ results with expanded analytics for precision marketing analysis. In some geographic markets the use of mobile marketing technology is growing rapidly requiring concisely written website content with smarter “calls to action.” PUMC’s web developers’ decades of knowledge of the business niches of each specialty is critical for your marketing success. Cosmetic surgery shoppers browsing for major and more invasive procedures are generally taking more time to research their needs and looking for more detailed information supported by linked references, before and after photos. testimonials and linked endorsements. Therefore your Internet marketing plan and strategies are designed and maintained by Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants, a firm that is the industry leader with:

  • A 40 plus year track record in health care marketing
  • More than 30 years of marketing experience in Cosmetic services marketing
  • A two decade track record of Internet marketing that no one else can claim
  • The credentials of being the first to host cosmetic surgeons on the Internet