Online Cosmetic Services Staff Training

To compete in today’s fast paced cosmetic services market, your staff needs continuous training to confirm they have the right mindset and tools to effectively communicate with your patients and prospective patients.

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For over 40+ years PUMC has offered customized staff training. What makes us different? We specialize in the cosmetic services/surgery industry and tailor the training to your specific needs to address and focus on the key issues that you desire to have covered in your training.

We take the time to determine the personality of your staff to insure that you have a team that can work together and re-enforce each staff performance in educating your patient to select your services.

The best news is… your staff does not have to leave the office and the down time for training is minimal.

Online phone training – 2-3 one hour sessions

Objective of the training:

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  • Precisely identify the needs of the callers
  • Engage the caller
  • Present your services succinctly and convincingly
  • Handle fee quoting and patient financing issues
  • Consultation cancellation prevention
  • Closing phone and e-mail inquiries into consultations

Online staff training on in-person consultation closure – 2 one hour sessions


  • Ability to focus on the key concerns of the patient that was provided in the initial call
  • Establish a timeline for getting the service done
  • Confirm they are a good candidate for the procedure
  • Review questions and objections
  • Close, close, and close

We recommend that all staff members who interact with your patients by phone or in-person, Email, or during the in-person consultation, including the presentation of fees, will benefit and should be included in the online training.

At the end of the training you will receive documented assessment of the results. Also, a spot check recall on the phone will be conducted to determine the conversion rate.

Your staff’s knowledge of the Internet and social media sales and communication nuances will ensure better lead conversion and your practice’s leadership position in your market.

Our no-nonsense, built-in marketing consultations online and on-site marketing education will make your practice strong and productive with predictable growth.

In the age of Google+, Yelp, and other social media review sites, a bad review from an angry patient can be a business killer. Contact PUMC today to learn about staff training and how to manage bad reviews using our Global Online Review system. Call or contact us online today!