Marketing Strategy Assessment for Buyer’s Journey

We need to address the marketing strategy for the Buyer’s Journey outline in the previous blog. Training your staff is as important as optimizing your online content. Let’s talk about how to do this.

Step 1 – Recognize the Need and/or Desire

Do you and your staff know how to cross-sell to your patients? Up-selling and cross-selling is a technique that PUMC

Buyer Footprints Key to Marketing Strategy

Buyer Footprints Key to Marketing Strategy

can evaluate for improvement opportunities.  As you talk to patients, there are many occasions to discuss other procedures.  Contact us to assess your marketing strategy.

  • When a patient calls for procedure pricing, ask questions. Find out more about his/her goals. Typically, your receptionist is answering the phone. So, train this person to make recommendations and bring potential patients in for a consultation.
  • Patients often mention troublesome areas when they are having a treatment. You or your staff can share information about procedures that work.
  • Keep a list of your frequently asked questions so you can develop content. These topics make good blogs, social media posts, pictures, videos, etc. that you can use online.
  • Share trends and information in eblasts (these should be more than specials) that drive readers to your website for more information.

Step 2 – Search Process

Your website is more than static pages where potential patients contact you. Ideally, it is a site that attracts people searching for cosmetic services. Thus, you need a marketing strategy for how your top procedures appear in search results.

  • How is your overall SEO performing for the practice name, doctor(s) and key procedures?
  • Does your website work equally well for both mobile and desktop searches?
  • Are you appearing on the first page in search results?
  • Do you have Before & After pictures?
  • Do your social media pages contain posts about the top procedures you want to promote?

Step 3 – Compare Options in Your Marketing Strategy

Now that the potential patient has information about the procedure, he/she starts comparing doctors. Your online reputation is key for this step.  Do a strategy assessment on how you compare with your competition.

  • Repost your best reviews on your website. PUMC’s Global Online Review System can do this automatically for you .
  • Respond to all your reviews.
  • Make sure you put your best reputation forward by having positive reviews and good overall average on each review site.
    • Getting more positive reviews on a site will help your average rating as well as push negative reviews down the page.
  • Showcase your expertise for your top procedures in blogs, pictures, videos, etc.

Step 4 – Make a Decision

When a patient has scheduled the procedure, turn your strategy assessment to communication.

  • Written and verbal communication prior to the procedure is a plus. This helps clarify patient expectations.
  • Calmly respond to questions if the patient calls.

Step 5 – Evaluation of Results

Use feedback from patients to make changes in your strategy. And, remember to make happy patients brand ambassadors for your practice.

  • Video testimonies and online reviews are great ways to share experiences.
  • Case studies and/or before & after photos help show your expertise.

Do you need help with understanding the Buyer’s Journey? Do you know how to do a strategy assessment? Contact PUMC for a free consultation.

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