How Google Affects Your Marketing Budget

Do you know that Google affects your marketing budget? It’s not just one area. Google affects every area of Internet marketing. You can no longer rely on organic Google search results to be found. Internet has changed, and your marketing has to change with it. Here’s what happens.


Google Affects Your Marketing

Search position has changed. You can try this yourself. Search Google for a plastic surgeon in your location. What do you see? Google ads are at the top of the page. Google’s carousel showing three of four doctors comes next. Power sites such as RealSelf may be next. Finally, you get to plastic surgeons about half way down the page. It isn’t possible to appear before the ads. If you want to appear first for a product or phrase, investigate pay-per-click adwords.

Great content is also a requirement in today’s world. People don’t want advertising. They want information about trends, specials, products, etc. Your patients search for before & after photos. Do your content and pictures set you apart and highlight your strengths? Or, is it too much the same? Ask your marketing agency about ways to that you stand out.

Videos are excellent to help you reach your patients. Thanks to our Internet world, a Microsoft study found that our incredibly shrinking attention span is now about 8 seconds. So, don’t plan in-depth videos. Share the basics in a minute or less. Post videos on YouTube, website and social media. You can also use them in blogs and eblasts.

Online reputation is critical in Google searches. Not only do some review sites appear high in search results, but Google links some in your Knowledge Graph. If you aren’t actively monitoring and engaging on your review sites, you probably don’t know what you don’t know. Because reviews appear based on engagement, site SEO, etc., this is another way that Google affects your marketing budget.

Google Affects Your Marketing Budget Via Website and Listings

Consistent listings in directories and Internet websites make a big difference in your search result position. Consistency is key in listings. SEO, solid navigation and robust content is important for your website. Contact PUMC for a free evaluation to find out how Google affects your marketing budget. When you play Google’s game right, you can optimize your visibility.

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