Google Adwords, Bing Ads – Pay Per Click (PPC)

Are you Investigating – Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

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Organic search remains effective but for most it’s now time to add the pay-per-click (PPC) option to your game as PPC is here to stay. Strategic PPC branded campaigns will become increasingly needed as the competition for patients becomes more competitive.

Let’s face it, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, it is Google’s world. Google requires search engine management (SEM) specialists to perform the heavy lifting for top search positions! Google understands that you want to be on the first page for multiple search results, but if that’s not possible your goal is to be listed on the second or third pages. For almost all cosmetic specialists, organic Google rankings for pages 1 through 3 typically are now not happening!

What Makes Pay-Per-Click An attractive option?

AdWords advertising can provide a powerful advantage to your Internet marketing arsenal for the following reasons:

  • You can direct browsing consumers directly to service offerings and information based on the terms conditions of search specified by the consumer.
  • An AdWords campaign can be used to reinforce an organic campaign.
  • The advertising cosmetic specialist is able to adjust and/or start the marketing campaign or stop it with short notice based on detailed analytic marketing intelligence.
  • Real-time analytic information gives the advertiser feedback as to how well the marketing campaign is working. This campaign can be adjusted in real-time in multiple dimensions of time, cost per click and more.
  • Information from an AdWords campaign can be used to improve the effectiveness of the organic portion of the Internet marketing campaign.

Will Google Adwords and Bing/Yahoo PPC Advertising Produce Results (ROI)?

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The two most effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo Ads. There are other PPC options but they are not major players. The answer to this question is that it depends on who sets up your PPC program and manages it. Additional considerations are: how the PPC program is used and how much expertise and knowledge you have in the specialty advertising of your practice or business.

A business also needs to consider:

  • Is this the best use of you or your staff’s time?
  • If your organic marketing is working what will be the positive or negative impact of PPC on the organic results
  • If there is an immediate need to market a service, program or activity that is not performing well in organic search.
  • The profit or returns to be gained for the investment in PPC.

Is Your Adwords Account Suspended?

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Recently it has become difficult to set up AdWords advertising program landing pages. If this function is not done correctly, Google AdWords will suspend your advertising programs for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Missing information
  • Misleading content
  • Unavailable offers
  • Competitive claims
  • Unclear relevance
  • Untrustworthy behavior

You then are faced with the significant headache of lost expected revenue until the needed corrections have been fixed and approved by Google to end the suspension.

Google and Yahoo/Bing encourage small businesses to do the work themselves to get the account re-instated. There is the option to use a firm like PUMC that has Google certified specialists on staff. This will reduce the possibility of a suspension from occurring in the first place. If a suspension does occur, PUMC can expedite correcting the issues that caused the suspension.

The PUMC AdWords Advantage

PUMC specializes in the cosmetic surgery services market and has specific knowledge on cosmetic consumers’ buying habits and consumer trends information. We do not rely on using Google’s posted bidding data for key words and phrases clicked. We understand pay-per-click and what makes consumers click on ads to purchase services. By knowing the cosmetic services specialties and subspecialties, PUMC focuses your AdWords marketing to precise target markets. We do not cannibalize organic search results with generalized AdWords marketing. PUMC regularly observes the careless use of PPC by businesses that have good organic positions. You need to determine if the use of PPC is what you need. Businesses that do their own marketing PPC seldom get the best returns on their investments.

  1. We are a team of specialists with more than quarter of a century of advertising experience in the cosmetic specialties and business operations.
  2. Your ad budget is used efficiently. We do not use computers to auto manage AdWords campaigns
  3. Your organic search will not decay because PUMC has specific expertise in your specialty and designs your campaigns and advertising elements not to compete with organic search results.
  4. PUMC designs landing pages that have better calls to actions than generic templates used by some general PPC marketing firms. The chances of a Google AdWords campaign suspension are significantly reduced
  5. PUMC integrates and interpolates the AdWords campaign results into Google Analytics to fine tune the SEO on your website as the PPC specialty campaign progresses.
  6. We have special expertise to show you have to re-market the unclosed leads.
  7. PUMC does not require you to sign long term contracts because our programs are campaign specific to the main marketing campaign.
  8. PUMC can provide your staff with proven sales skills-training on lead conversion and techniques that are specific to the cosmetic service industry.
  9. The cost of your AdWords campaign will be less because our campaigns are designed to get higher Google Quality Scores

How Does AdWords Marketing Work?

As compared to organic SEO, AdWords marketing is the process of inserting advertisements that appear in search results at the top of the page for the consumer performing a search. Typically, shopping consumers make quick, impulse decisions to click when they are looking for cosmetic surgery services and information. The ads designed by PUMC are based on past experience with hundreds of clients and a proprietary, specialty-specific database that has been developed from our experience. We have honed our craft to create relevant landing page copy, improve the results in top click-through rates, and create the top conversions and leads with minimal cost.

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