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Automated Online Reputation Management for Medical & Surgical Practices

Guarding Your Most Sustainable Asset – Your Reputation

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PUMC’s New Online Site Content Reputation Management System (ORSCMS) for your Aesthetic Services Practice


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 Online Review Site Content Management Service
Are you laboring at monitoring your reviews that patients can place on the hundreds of review and social media sites that can be found on Internet?

Do you have a system to review and aggregate patient reviews?

Are you publishing your positive reviews automatically to your website(s)?

Have you automated your solicitation of patient review requests?

PUMC can help you accomplish request, monitor, collect and publish your positive reviews and improve your online visibility and Google Map rankings!
PUMC’s Global Online Reputation System collects your 4 & 5 star reviews from Google, Yelp and other review sites to improve your Internet rankings and your reputation.

No longer do you have to go from the many review and social media sites to view and cherry pick the best reviews to use on their sites. Each site required a different login and to make matters worse, you never knew where or when a great or bad review was made!

PUMC is offering a one-stop portal that does it all and more. We collect your very best online reviews, display them all in one place on your website, in organic search results and all of the right places without the hassles!

Learn how easy it is to manage your online reputation and enhance your SEO

What are the features and benefits of PUMC’s Proprietary Online Review Site Content Management Service

  • Aggregate all your reviews for a quick snapshot of your overall brand.
  • Receive daily notifications of new reviews.
  • Categorize by review site, number of stars, timeframes and more to drill down for analytical levels.
  • Request reviews from your patients via text and email as well as setting your follow up and contact timeframe.
  • Redisplay reviews on any website, in your blog or on Facebook.
  • Customize colors and content to match your website brand.
  • Choose your practice brand (umbrella) that includes multiple doctors, an individual doctor or both.

BENEFITSsocial-page (2)

  • Strategically redisplay your best reviews on a microsite with search engine optimization
  • Diffuse emotions associated with negative reviews to accentuate more positive reviews.
  • Connect social media to post automatically new great reviews on your Facebook timeline, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Time saver! Automates your requests for reviews from your patients via text and email as well as setting your follow up and contact timeframe.
  • Alerts you to any unhappy patient so you can diffuse the impact.
  • Use the request online appointment link anywhere so prospective patients can request appointments.
  • Prospective patients can request online appointments via your microsite.


5 Big Tips for Reputation Management Success


Maintain a complete profile of your practice on sites that rank physicians

Cosmetic specialists and surgeons should be proactive about encouraging their patients to rate them online. You can remove a few but not many. Your best strategy is to be proactive. Steps as simple as sending your patients a follow-up email after a visit, giving them a card to take with them, and even drawing attention to existing positive ratings, can be very good, yet subtle ways to get the public talking about you in a positive way online. Care should be exercised not to pressure your patients, but encourage them to share their positive experiences with others. One of the best strategies that we have discovered is to direct prospective patients to some of the positive patient success stories and reviews on your website and social media channels.This is the first step, and arguably the most important. The key to successful management of online reputation is about establishing authority, so get out there early and dominate the space with positive reviews your control. Review Sites like WebMD give cosmetic specialists the chance to add information about the practices brand online, and the cost to physicians is only a few minutes to register. The benefit in having current and accurate information about a practice online cannot be understated, and Web-savvy patients will recognize the efforts to engage them online and listen to feedback.

Implement an easy-to-use system for your patients to give their positive feedback

One very effective and simple way to discourage negative comments on a third party review site is to have an open and active email address. Seriously, it’s that easy. You won’t completely eliminate unhappy or remove patients comments or those looking to grind an ax, but by sending a simple email to a patient after an appointment, making a brief follow-up call or sending out a mailer, goes a long way towards stealing someone’s righteous thunder. In the office, a well-placed sign that invites your patients to express themselves, coupled with the necessary forms, can have a tremendous effect towards making the public feel comfortable talking to you or your staff about their experiences, rather than the entire Internet.

Educate your patients on the use of physician-rating and review sites

It is impossible, and ethically questionable, to prevent patients from using review Web sites that rate doctors. However, doctors can help themselves and their patients at the same time by determining which sites provide the most reputable and relevant information and then directing patients to them. As the number of these types of review sites continues to grow, expect to see items like cost, comments and outcome information in addition to numerical ratings. Forewarned is forearmed, and being aware of which sites have the best, most accurate information will help cosmetic specialists and their patients benefit the most from this technology. Something as simple as a handout with some basic information about the Web sites you have chosen will go a long way toward keeping your patients informed and helping them not only make good decisions about which sites to use, but also to think of their doctor in a positive light.

Be vigilant of your reputation online.

By keeping abreast of issues that are commonly brought up when your office is mentioned, you have an opportunity to make relatively simple and effective changes that will nip the problem in the bud. Cosmetic specialists may be surprised to learn that the “biggest” problems many of their patients have is their time in the reception area or the tone of voice that the receptionist used with them. Since review sites tend to value the most recent ratings as most relevant, cosmetic specialists who address things in a timely fashion give themselves maximum benefit. Sometimes acknowledging the problem early on goes a long way to assuaging fears that the office is somehow hopelessly mismanaged. Again, patients appreciate the attentiveness and engagement.


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