PUMC is the originator of the exclusive cosmetic surgery ISP, this is now our core business. We provide an over seventeen year ISP & design/support services track record. All Web design & support resources are under one roof with direct accountability (no partners!) We have one of the largest cosmetic surgery client base of customized Web sites on the Internet. PUMC offers over 40 plus years of marketing experience with over 1000 national and international clients. Therefore, our sites don’t look like they are “cookie cut outs” of the same dough.

Client Support Services

Yours and our imaginations are the only limitation for doing things quickly. We provide very unique client support services that most ISP/designers only talk about. They include a free built-in referring search engine (; monthly e-mail testing to insure not only the workings of your e-mail, but the timeliness in which your staff responds; ability to have unlimited unique e-mails; monthly reminders to update your site; monthly tips on increasing your Web site’s effectiveness; continuous search engine submission and quarterly metric reports.

Because we are a team not a single individual, you have the ability to speak and work with us without going through relays, beepers and cell phone contacts. In addition, the loss of one person will never put your web site in jeopardy!

With PUMC you get more than you pay for! Because we are a one-stop shop – you will receive the best value for your dollars spent—reliability, responsiveness, creativity and on-going support services you cannot see with your eyes.

We challenge any organization to provide you with the “24/7” client support services we can for the prices we charge. The value for the fees we charge are the result of us handling only cosmetic surgery clients and having an efficient organization that has perfected our ISP & design crafts for nine years. As an extra-qualified specialist, you understand the benefits of specialization and experience.

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