Buyer’s Journey to Having a Cosmetic Surgery

Understanding the buyer’s journey to deciding on a cosmetic surgery is vital to getting new patients.   Most buying decisions are not linear.  Patients (nor other consumers) rarely start at Point A, move through B, C. D and BUY. However, you can pinpoint the steps to buying. Let’s look at the process and what your cosmetic surgery practice can do to bring patients in your door.

Buyer’s Journey Step 1 – Recognize the Need and/or Desire

Understandings Buyer's Journey - PUMC

Understanding Buyer’s Journey – PUMC

Appearance changes as we age.  These changes can result in the loss of confidence and being unhappy with how you look. So, there is a desire to turn back the clock. How can you help?

  • Really listen to your patients for injectables, facials, etc. If a patient complains about drooping eyes, discuss eyelid surgery.
  • Recognize frequent topics to develop website content with answers, trends and recommendations.

Buyer’s Journey Step 2 – Search Process

In today’s connected world, people can research any topic wherever they are.  Where do your premium procedures appear in Google search results? If you don’t know,  do an incognito search to find out. If you aren’t on the first page, take action.

  • Develop good website content for procedures you wish to promote. This may include blogs, pictures, preparing and recovery.
  • Optimize your mobile and desktop SEO.
  • Share in social media.
  • Update your Google My Business services.

Buyer’s Journey Step 3 – Compare Options

There are usually multiple plastic surgery practices in a location. So, this is where you are compared to your competition. Of course, price is one point. But, your online reviews play a prominent role here. Before & After pictures are important also. Create your best reputation.

  • Optimize your best online reviews and feature them on your website.
  • Ask for online reviews from satisfied patients to help showcase your expertise
  • Create videos and take pictures of results of your work and ask your patient if you can share them (Before and After photos)
  • Train your staff to answer questions and get patients in for a consultation.

Buyer’s Journey Step 4 – Make a Decision

Your patient has probably bounced back and forth in Steps 2 and 3 in comparing your services with competition.  Make sure your staff continues to make a patient feel comfortable and confident in their cosmetic surgery decision. A misstep during a consultation can lead a patient to another doctor.

Buyer’s Journey Step 5 – Evaluation of Results

Your patient will evaluate his/her results in the months following the surgery.  Depending on the surgery, some results appear more quickly than others.  Make sure that you and your patient are on the same page during recovery. This is the time to consider long-term plans.

  • Is there a potential for this patient to be a repeat patient?
  • Are results satisfactory or exceeding expectations?
  • Have you asked the patient for a review, video testimony or B&A picture?

There’s much more information in our blog about the marketing strategy in your journey. Or, call PUMC for a free assessment.

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