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Understanding trends and Internet marketing strategies is vital for PUMC’s plastic surgery and medical spa clients. Internet marketing is constantly evolving. Google rules change for SEO. Social media expand features. The PUMC blog keeps you up-to-date on the trends. We go the extra mile in sharing how to use online techniques in your practice marketing.

Our PUMC marketing experts strive to stay on top of digital marketing. We’re always in learning mode so we can develop the best marketing strategy for each client. Browse through PUMC’s blog topics for answers to commonly asked questions and information that you need for your medical practice.


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  • Google Deletes Inactive Google+ Pages

    Inactive Google+ pages for businesses are scheduled for deletion according to an announcement from Google. Notification was sent from Google My Business to the email listed as the page owner. If the owner email is no longer monitored, you may not be aware that your Google+ page will be deleted. Here’s what you need to […]

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  • 5 Branding Tips for Doctors

    What is branding, especially for a medical practice? The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a feature that identifies products or service as distinct from others.  When it comes to branding your practice, think about what makes you different and unique from other plastic surgeons or medical spas. Branding Tips for Doctors Use your […]

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  • 6 Communication Tips for Doctors and Staff

    Check out these important communication tips to avoid misunderstandings with your patients. Many of our clients have mentioned problems due to misunderstandings with patients. You explain. You put it in writing. You reiterate. And, still you have problems. PUMC is an Internet marketing agency so we strive to have excellent communication.  However, we recognize that […]

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  • Inspect What You Expect: Secrets to Analytics Success

    Obviously, there’s no perfect formula for online marketing campaigns. However, there is methodology based on analytics behind the madness of the process. Careful use of analytics in the planning and execution of the marketing process will increase campaign productivity. This determines who wins the marketing prizes.  Therefore, it is wise to address the following 5 […]

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  • Is the Social Media Time Sponge Worth the Results?

    The social media time sponge can be overwhelming for you or your staff.  Time is a precious commodity for most of our plastic surgery and medical spa clients. Typically, the person responsible for social media and online reviews also has another full-time job within the practice. Thus, social media may fall toward the bottom of […]

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