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Understanding trends and Internet marketing strategies is vital for PUMC’s plastic surgery and medical spa clients. Internet marketing is constantly evolving. Google rules change for SEO. Social media expand features. The PUMC blog keeps you up-to-date on the trends. We go the extra mile in sharing how to use online techniques in your practice marketing.

Our PUMC marketing experts strive to stay on top of digital marketing. We’re always in learning mode so we can develop the best marketing strategy for each client. Browse through PUMC’s blog topics for answers to commonly asked questions and information that you need for your medical practice.


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  • Marketing Strategy Assessment for Buyer’s Journey

    We need to address the marketing strategy for the Buyer’s Journey outline in the previous blog. Training your staff is as important as optimizing your online content. Let’s talk about how to do this. Step 1 – Recognize the Need and/or Desire Do you and your staff know how to cross-sell to your patients? Up-selling […]

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  • Buyer’s Journey to Having a Cosmetic Surgery

    Understanding the buyer’s journey to deciding on a cosmetic surgery is vital to getting new patients.   Most buying decisions are not linear.  Patients (nor other consumers) rarely start at Point A, move through B, C. D and BUY. However, you can pinpoint the steps to buying. Let’s look at the process and what your cosmetic […]

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  • Drive Leads with Google My Business

    Google has new features to help drive leads for your medical practice. Google is working hard on improving Google My Business listings.  In fact, they are surveying businesses to determine if owners are willing to pay for the extras.  We don’t know how this will come out. But, Google’s search algorithms rule Internet. Thus, PUMC […]

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  • Views Spiral Down When Not Posting on Google

    Internet views spiral down when you stop posting on Google My Business. Before 2019, views dropped when Google changed the format. Now, posts are below the line. So they only get about 50% of views they used to receive. To post or not to post — that is the question. Pros for Posting on Google […]

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  • Easy Reading Tips for Writing Blogs

    Writing blogs that are easy reading isn’t as easy as one thinks.  Website content requires more writing skills than simply knowing your topic. Thus, it requires more time to write. Let’s look at how to create easy reading blogs. Writing Blogs that are Scannable If you check your website statistics, you’ll find that more people […]

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