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Understanding trends and Internet marketing strategies is vital for PUMC’s plastic surgery and medical spa clients. Internet marketing is constantly evolving. Google rules change for SEO. Social media expand features. The PUMC blog keeps you up-to-date on the trends. We go the extra mile in sharing how to use online techniques in your practice marketing.

Our PUMC marketing experts strive to stay on top of digital marketing. We’re always in learning mode so we can develop the best marketing strategy for each client. Browse through PUMC’s blog topics for answers to commonly asked questions and information that you need for your medical practice.


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  • 2019 Digital Trends for Doctors

    It is time to think about how you will implement 2019 digital trends. What is the “in” way to communicate online? What is out? Our PUMC experts follow trends and study every movement of the online world. Our goal is to put you in front of your competition! Although the new year is just around […]

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  • Improve Social Media Reach and Engagement

    In social media, the only constant is change!  You have to stay in the know to improve social media strategy. It’s almost impossible for medical practice staff to take advantage of the constant changes in a timely manner. Bookmark PUMC’s blog page where you’ll find marketing and social media news. Best of all, we give […]

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  • Tips for Video Marketing Strategy

    Creating a video marketing strategy offers tremendous marketing results. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. The key is following the rules to be found and watched. How to Create Video Marketing Strategy Social media is ideal for videos. However, several social media sites restrict video length […]

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  • Premium Fees Sell Premium Services

    First-rate plastic surgery services yield premium fees. The catch is creating the reputation that draws patients who are willing to pay for the best. In today’s world, everyone is looking for a good price. But, price is not the only factor. Quality is important too. Let’s look at some everyday examples of when people automatically […]

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  • Google Announces Google+ Shut Down

    Google said that it plans a Google+ shut down over the next 10 months.  While this action has long been anticipated due to low usage, a security breach prompted closing Google+.  Google says services will continue for enterprise customers who use it for co-worker communication.  But, for most of us, Google+ is no more. Update […]

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