2019 Digital Trends for Doctors

It is time to think about how you will implement 2019 digital trends. What is the “in” way to communicate online? What is out? Our PUMC experts follow trends and study every movement of the online world. Our goal is to put you in front of your competition! Although the new year is just around the corner, you still have time to tweak your Internet visibility strategy.  Here are some trends to consider adding to your marketing mix.

2019 Digital Trends by PUMC

2019 Digital Trends by PUMC

2019 Digital Trends for Websites

  • Website Content: Updating your content and a solid SEO plan remains a vital part of your marketing strategy. Voice searches on smart devices are growing. Thus, your content should also work for this format. Here are some tips to consider as you write blogs, new content or update existing website content.
    • Use some questions phrases (who, what, when, where, why, how). Many voice searches are phrased as a question.
    • Write in short sentences in a conversational tone that your patients can understand. Direct your patients to your website for more information in social media posts, eblasts, etc.
    • Identify keywords and keyword phrases (long-tail keywords). Use these in your content so that search engines know what is on the page. Yoast is an excellent way to help optimize your content on each page.
  • Website Design: Ask your website designer about SEO changes affect your website, and update it accordingly. A current and mobile website is a must to be found in a sea of online search results.
  • Appointment Requests: Online communication for appointment times continues to grow as a 2019 digital trend. People are busy, so they like clicking thru to request an appointment instead of calling. You don’t need an elaborate form. For example, PUMC ‘s Global Online Review System includes an “Appointment Request” that can be linked anywhere.  Here are some ways to make it easier for patients to schedule an appointment.
    • Link on your website in the header and Contact Us page
    • Create a custom short URL to use in social media
    • Add it to eblasts when it is relevant
    • Add it to forms you provide patients

2019 Digital Trends for Online Marketing

  • Video/Audio Marketing: This method of communicating continues to reach new heights. Expect increased engagement on the audio side due to smart speakers (Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, etc.). If you use presentations with audio, make sure that your key messages are shown both in video and audio formats. Concert songs are a good way to think about this. It’s fun to watch a video of the song, but it’s great to simply hear the song.
    • Keep videos/audio short for social media
    • Post them on your website
    • Consider audio for testimonials where patients wish to remain anonymous
  • Online Reputation and Visibility: Primary referral sources in today’s Internet world are online reviews and social media. Create and enhance a positive image to get more referrals. Here are some ways to reach patients and potential patients.
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Post regularly. Topics include specials, videos, trends, blogs, procedures, testimonials, etc.  Engage your audience with pictures. Include links for more information.
    • Online Reviews: Mange and respond to your reviews. You can automate this effort or do it manually. Either way, you need to take care of the online “face” of your medical practice. Ask patients for reviews to build a solid online reputation across multiple review sites.
    • Google My Business: Google rules most Internet searches, so we need to play by their rulebook. Claim and manage your listing(s). Take advantage of their feature posts, videos, questions, etc. to maximize your visibility in Google searches and maps.

2019 Digital Trends for Online Advertising

  • Online Advertising: To stay competitive, consider Google adwords for your key procedure(s). You decide how much you spend. Social media may also be a good place to advertise specials, events and new products. Work with someone who knows the ropes to get the biggest bang for your buck. This is a 2019 digital trend you need to embrace. 

Are all of these new 2019 digital trends? No. Some are new, and some are reminders that existing tactics are increasing in importance. It looks like a lot, but the right integration can simplify and streamline your efforts. Contact our PUMC team for customized solutions that provide value. We want to work with you to get more patients in your door in 2019!

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