Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing & Training

Web Design

Desktop and Mobile Compliant Results

PUMC will deliver top SEO desktop and mobile compliant Google, Bing, Yahoo and social media search results with Web designs that will make your phones ring and e-mails flow with patients buying more services. Our unmatched Web design/development and writing team includes cosmetic services marketing professionals in advertising and consumer research. Each PUMC Marketing Expert has more than 20 years of cosmetic marketing experience. PUMC clients benefit from Internet marketing solutions that are integrated with proven non-Internet promotional techniques to give our clients more bang for their buck.

Cost Savers

Yes, you will save and keep more money in the bank with PUMC’s SEO Internet cosmetic strategies. Even more important, you will save time and eliminate the cost of false starts. We are highly specialized in aesthetic services marketing with a focus on cosmetic services. Our knowledgeable staff saves you the time of explaining what and how you do what you do. PUMC employs proven website design strategies that are conceived and executed within a Practice Marketing Plan. These plans add efficiency and cost savings by replacing, or significantly reducing, print and electronic media, billboards and direct mail costs. With PUMC you get more than the desktop and mobile compliant Web designs you pay for because we offer a one-stop-shop of marketing and management solutions. Our reliability, responsiveness, creativity and on-going support services are values that you cannot see with your eyes but save you time and dollars.

SEO Intelligence

PUMC creates and delivers efficient website design, SEO and social media strategies fortified with proven marketing solutions. Our comprehensive approach is validated by Google Web Metrics tracking, registration of Facebook Likes, Google Plus one +1 counts, and email volume measurements that ensure marketing costs and time containments.

Your PUMC Account Executive and Team will contribute their in-depth industry knowledge of cosmetic, plastic and aesthetic practice marketing.

Target Markets Strategy

Effective local and regional market segmentation and targeting is based upon identifying and classifying groups of patients and prospective patients’ needs, wants and desires, and determining how to present your service offerings. PUMC utilizes segmented targeted market communication programs to create powerful and effective results for your internal, external and Internet based marketing strategies.

Targeting is where PUMC’s unmatched, quarter of a century of cosmetic services marketing can be put to work to give you bonus Internet productivity and practice branding power.[/toggle]

Leadership From Vision

PUMC has provided STRATEGIC Web design, Internet SEO and staff-centric marketing solutions to cosmetic, plastic and aesthetic practices, and medical spa professionals since 1995…the very beginning of cosmetic specialists using the Internet.

As the first aesthetic Web Internet service provider, we provide marketing and management solutions derived from three plus decades of creating 1000+ comprehensive, strategic marketing plans for cosmetic, plastic, and aesthetic practices. You will likely be assigned one of our Senior PUMC Consultants that is an Internet marketing expert who has also managed practices.

Do you need assistance from  PUMC’s Web design experts – Internet Reputation Management, PatientConnect® team, fresh SEO marketing Web design specialists? We are happy to provide you with coaching from professionals, surgeon advisors with a quarter of a century aesthetic services marketing experience. You deserve more than a salesperson or marketer who may not be there tomorrow. With PUMC you engage true practice productivity management consultants and SEO Internet Web design experts. If you are a surgeon performing plastic surgery and not making a decent living, you can engage a true practice productivity consultant and SEO Internet expert to take you to a new level with a cosmetic image. If you desire the very best of 36+ years of experience from a cosmetic surgery practice expert, this site will provide expert advice on plastic surgery and surgeon marketing, low reimbursed functional procedures, reputation protection advice and direction with ethical promotion within a budget of time and money.