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Internal Marketing

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If you are a cosmetic, aesthetic, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists vascular specialists, MediSpas, medical spa or alternative medicine specialist your first critical requirement is a cost effective promotional and advertising concepts to employ in your practice. If you have a new practice are you asking how to set up your new practice? You now need more than a generalist marketer. A precise promotion campaign now requires seasoned marketing advisors.

You need a consumer focused campaign based on a documented Internet based Marketing Action Plan and Strategy. Your want an income forecast that features built-in result tracking to avoid wasted dollars. PUMC’s marketing and management consultants will conduct research using a detailed and exclusive aesthetic Practice Assessment process based on PUMC’s Seven Indices that creates a documented 12 to 18 month Marketing Action Plan and Strategy. Your precise plan designed by PUMC’s for cosmetic/aesthetic consumers will include detailed, documented methodology of all recommended programs for advertising and public relations activities. The documentation will also feature detailed and specific action steps, including recommendations for better money management, promotional management and marketing tracking systems to be employed by the practice software. The Marketing Action Plan and Strategy will include a budget and timeline. Your customized Marketing Action Plan and Strategy will serve as the heart and foundation for your accountant’s business plan and income forecast for practice expansion. It will also provide the economic base of the banking package and cash flow projections of the results of your marketing efforts.

This Marketing Action Plan and Strategy is a dynamic document concept that is used as the blue print for all marketing activities (internet, print and electronic) and enhanced promotion management. The most successful specialists earn $2,000,0000 to $3,000,000 have expert designed Marketing Action Plan and Strategy that governs all promotional concepts and activities.

With the growing competition an expert Marketing Action Plan and Strategy is mandatory to obtain the vital capital needed to effectively initiate a robust flow of cash. Therefore an expert like a PUMC consultant is needed.

The PUMC Practice Assessment process executed by a PUMC marketing and management consultants is designed to assist a cosmetic specialist in the following Key areas:

  • Starting a new cosmetic or alternative medical services practice
  • Practice expansion requiring an Income Forecast
  • Increasing Practice productivity
  • The need for better promotion management
  • Selection of practice marketing software
  • Selection of practice management software
  • Selection of marketing tracking software
  • An expert appraisal or critique and marketing activity
  • Preparing a banking package
  • The need for a practice income analysis
  • Better management and tracking of marketing
  • Better results with existing marketing practice software
  • More patients or more consultations
  • income & profit Income, Revenue or fee Analysis
  • Expansion of the practice’s service offerings
  • Desire to improve time management
  • Launching or having problems marketing a MediSpa practice
  • Relocation of a practice within the same area or a different area
  • Selling the practice or transition out of the practice.
  • Mystery shopping or secret shopping competitors or survey patients