Staff Training

PUMC has been the leader in staff training for aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery and services physicians, discretionary health, and medical services specialists for 40+ years. In fact, we coined the training terminology, “Consultation Closure Training,” “Interactive Phone Skills,” “Deputizing Patients to become Active Referrers,” “Email Responsiveness and Relationship Development,” and other training services unique to the cosmetic enhancement industry.

With the demands of Internet and social media marketing your staff’s selling skills are your most important practice assets. Therefore, it is essential that your staff has confidence, knowledge, and the ability to effectively communicate with your patients and prospective patients who are investigating your services as a result of your Internet and social media marketing programs.

PUMC Trains to Retain!

What does this mean? Our approach is practice specific. Over the many years of training our clients in their patient acquisition marketing plans, we have observed two consistent problems existing in many practices:

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  • The belief that increased volume of marketing-driven Internet inquiries will cover up the deficiencies of staff sales training.
  • As long as the volume of new patients coming in the “front door” is constant you can ignore patients leaving out the virtual (Internet) and your real “back door,” i,e. not closing the deal!

Both of the assumptions above are incorrect. For this reason, PUMC’s staff marketing training protocols correctly and precisely addresses these assumptions.
In the end, no matter how big the marketing program and how well the staff is trained to present your services, the staff must know how to sustain a relationship with existing patients (anchoring them to your practice) and deputizing them to become active referrers. Additionally, training in skill sets to promote your services and unique qualifications to Internet and phone shoppers.

Remember: A satisfied patient that you are continually communicating with will always be your least expensive and most effective marketing program. Also, dissatisfied patients can be a business nightmare, especially if they leave a negative review. Staff training and PUMC’s Global Online Review can help combat negative reviews.

PUMC Offers a Variety of Training Modalities

  • On-site training – PUMC can assign a trainer to come to your office to conduct a half or full day training for more information or to set up a scheduled time, click here.
  • Online training – PUMC offers a modified training format where you and/or your staff are offered training online with a live trainer providing information on a specifically designated topic or topics.  For more information or to set up a scheduled online training, click here.
  • Training DVDs – PUMC offers a series of DVDs that can be used by you or your staff to provide training on the phone, Internet, in person or self- training for the new employee.  To order this DVD, click here.

PUMC clients are provided with staff training opportunities that give you confidence in knowing your staff has the skills to engage and inspire prospective patients as they work as your sales deputies. Your staff will learn from PUMC how to draw new Internet and social media patients into your practice. They will also be better communicators with your current patient base as they learn proactive communication techniques to protect your practice from competition.

Your staff’s knowledge of the Internet and social media sales and communication nuances will ensure better lead conversion and your practice’s leadership position in your market.

Our no-nonsense, built-in marketing consultations and online and on-site marketing education will make your practice strong and productive with predictable growth.

Inspect what you Expect!

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