Dealing with Deal Sites

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If you are a cosmetic service provider, how do you justify discounting your cosmetic procedures and waiting more than 30 days or more to be paid the net proceeds by Groupon or another deal site? Groupon and other deal sites serve as middle men offering you the opportunity of finding new patients by losing money on time limited specials offers. With a precision marketing plan you might have the option to use deal sites in a limited way to create a surge of patient demand without giving away the “store.”

Groupon, the most successful deal site, has been around for almost 10 years and turned down Google’s buyout $6 billion offer a few years ago. So there must be some value in participating in marketing blitz programs that take you down this path.

Daily deal sites offer a practice marketing option that is now used by tens of thousands of businesses including many cosmetic and aesthetic practices. Some of these businesses have good marketing plans that are built on strategies that serve the purpose of using this option, but most businesses have no premeditated plans as they look for one-time, overnight, local marketing boost.

For the best perspective view daily deals coupons on steroids with an expiration date, or simply lost leader offers. Retail businesses that have routine and daily purchases, like fast food services, and personal service businesses, like nail shops, can do well with daily specials without sinking into a low priced commodity pit. But they also require a carefully crafted marketing strategy.

If you are a cosmetic service provider you need to approach the use of daily specials with the mindset that you will lose money. When you use daily specials, use them only once per promotional cycle. One or more of the following should be a prerequisite:

  1. The markup (profit margin) on the service or product you discount returns enough profit that you will at least break even.
  2. You can safely predict that the users of your coupons will come back and use more profitable services.
  3. You will have overnight visibility or exposure you can convert to users of your profitable services.

If you have considered using a daily deal service and find that you don’t fit into one of the above categories, call Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants for creative marketing suggestions that will get more new patients in your front door who will not look at you as a discount practice.