Why Select PUMC?

    • Stability

      You can depend on us to be there to support you when you need us. After 40 plus years of weathering some of the largest business storms in America. We will be here to ensure your investments in:

      Web design for desktop and mobile
      SEO Organic Search results
      Ad words specialty campaigns
      Social media promotions

    • Team Delivery of Solutions

      The lost of no one person will interrupt your service delivery. PUMC is team of experts in multiple disciplines working hard to give you the very best solutions with backup and depth of value.

    • Foresight in 1985

      PUMC will provide recommendations that will place you in front of your competition. PUMC predicted the consumer boom for cosmetic surgery and the demand for aesthetic services in 1985 and trained the early adapters to become wealth engines. In 1995 PUMC showed clients the future and power of the Internet. In 2010 PUMC was among the first to show clients the benefits of social media.

    • The Gold Standard

      You work with the leader. For PUMC’s entire business history education and client training has served as the backbone of everything we do. PUMC has not only been the first to provide sales training to practices staffs, cosmetic marketing and full day strategy training to physicians, marketing symposia for the full practice staffs, inline marketing, online Webinar marketing for practice staff, and audio book marketing training for physicians.

    • Track Record

      The experimenting has been done so you get pure value for your investment in PUMC’s services. PUMC has produced more than 1,000 detailed, customized banking-ready marketing action plans and strategies for cosmetic specialists in the US and three international markets.

    • Management Perspective

      When PUMC provides a consultation or recommendations you can expect that it has taken into consideration the major impact on the practice’s staff, finances, office information systems and your competition. All of PUMC’s principal consultants have managed a practice.

  • Deep Understanding of Health Care Delivery

    Expertise about health delivery that gives you solutions with special advantages. PUMC has performed major consultations in all of the major health care specialties including hospitals, outpatient surgery/diagnostic centers, Health Maintenance Organizations, faculty practice plans, medical universities, dentistry, optometry, Chiropractic, and hearing centers.